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Lucky Charm sweepstakes is another recent upstart that has entered the internet cafe sweepstakes arena during the past year.  As shown by the company’s low ranking in the “distribution” category, it hasn’t expanded much, and primarily does business in Florida and Ohio.  Lucky Charm appears to be one of the lower-tier sweepstakes that attracts new entrants to the sweepstakes business (likely because of its low cost).  Unfortunately, as reviews indicate, not many locations keep the software for more than a few months before switching to another sweepstakes software.

Reviews indicate that Lucky Charm’s biggest strength is its price.   Operators who reviewed the Lucky Charm sweepstakes games frequently comment on getting drawn in by the low cost, that they receive decent technical support, but that they simply couldn’t compete with other sweepstakes games in the area.  As the ratings indicate, Lucky Charm’s greatest weaknesses are its games and its profitability (or lack thereof).  Consequently, as soon as Lucky Charm salesmen and distributors add a new sweepstakes internet cafe to their company, another one abandons their platform, switching to a different sweepstakes company.  Thus we see that Lucky Charm does a “forward three steps, then back two steps” dance, resulting in a weak channel and not much business using the Lucky Charms games.

Of all our sweepstakes companies on the list, Lucky Charm is the first one about which we received several “fraud warning” reviews.  At Sweepstakes Consumer Reviews, we don’t take these reports lightly.  Although several distributors were flagged as fraudulent, very few sweepstakes companies received such reviews.  There are reports of Lucky Charm using non-sweepstakes-legal gambling games from Europe, which may explain why the games have not been certified.  Any sweepstakes company that cannot get its games to pass a legal sweepstakes certification is highly suspicious.  When we see a company that has uncertified sweepstakes games that also receives several “fraud alert” reviews we strongly recommend that consumers approach with extreme caution and with a tight grip on their wallets.

It is also suspicious that on the Lucky Charms website it clearly points out that sweepstakes are lawful in eleven states.  First of all, it is widely accepted among industry pundits that sweepstakes are legitimate in far more than eleven states.  But perhaps the biggest disconnect is that on this list of only eleven states the company lists four or five of the worst possible states in all the US for sweepstakes Internet cafes.  The list includes Utah, Massachusetts, and a few other states that are widely known to be extremely hostile towards internet cafes with sweepstakes.  Yet it fails to include at least a dozen other states where sweepstakes internet cafes are warmly welcomed.  Where did Lucky Charms get this erroneous data, and how many unfortunate entrepreneurs are going to follow the company into these high-risk regions?  We are obligated to call it like we see it and must insist that such careless misinformation gives a bad name to Lucky Charm and to the entire sweepstakes industry.  UPDATE: In early December of 2012 the Lucky Charm website has been shut down (the error message says the site was “suspended”, whatever that means).  That doesn’t look good.

In spite of these warning signs, the locations that have had Lucky Charm and those who have had experience with its sweepstakes games claim the startup cost is often very low and that overall support is pretty good.  Combined with mediocre scores in several other areas this boosts the Lucky Charm sweepstakes platform up above a small handful of other sweepstakes companies.

Sweepstakes Software Ratings:

As noted, Lucky Charm has a few above average rankings which deserve recognition.  Maintaining a low startup cost is important, and Lucky Charm is to be commended for better support than most in an industry known for lack of support.  But we cannot overlook the fact that Lucky Charm games are not certified, the questionable legal position of the company, reports of “take the money and run” tactics, and overall shadiness.  Even though a few sweepstakes companies have an overall lower ranking, we would recommend any sweepstakes company without a “fraud warning” before recommending the Lucky Charm sweepstakes games.


Sweepstakes Software Reviews

  Sweepstakes Software Reviews

I'm a sweepstakes distributor and I used to sell Lucky Charms Software. I found out they are using an unlicensed Wheel of Fortune game and pressed them on it. The more questions I asked the more rude they were to me. Turns out it's because the games were misrepresented to me. I would never put my customers in jeopardy but did when I had them use Lucky Charms. So I'm getting them to change off of it. Now the Lucky Charms guy got mad at me and he still owes me a lot of money and he says he's not going to make it right so I'm upset. These games are not really sweepstakes but are RNG gambling!

Harold V.
South Carolina

The only thing i have to say that is nice about lucky charms is the name.
 The games are sooooo slow that I wanted to pull out what is left of my hair.  And then there was the freezing.  I think i have given out more comps to customers than i ever made on this gig.  When I called to complain they said that this issue is with my internet but I told em it was because their servers are bad.  So you would think that they would fix this but they didn't so I got rid of them and went with another company, who ironically also has their servers somewhere else.  But guess what? the games work great and don't never freeze and are fast - so the bottom line is lucky charms sucks.

Curtis L.

Lucky Charm originally lured me into a (luckily short) business relationship with low prices.  
The games were good for the price and the cost was much less on paper than some of the competitors out there - but the choice ended up costing me much more in the end due to lack of attention with my technical issues.  I found when the servers went down in my store, I was down for much longer than I/they anticipated which meant that I was losing customers every day that we were down.  I really did not like the fact that they were very hard to get a hold of and what is concerning is that their website is not up and running any longer.  I thought I had done my research but have found that I prefer a web based sweepstakes now.  No more server issues.  

Kenneth P. 
North Carolina



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