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Distributor: BGG Games

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BGG is brand new to the sweepstakes software distributor list.
This small distributor slipped by our radar which is surprising, but, after a second look we realized it is small enough that it is surprising that we found it now. We have noticed that BGG games is still new and it is most likely the birth of a channel trying to revive the inadequate distribution that world touch has suffered with in the past. For a new and untested sweepstakes software distributor we found that they were unusually slow to answer the phones, sometimes taking several days to respond to simple inquiries from our staff posing as potential cafe owners. Usually a new distributor will handle calls in a manner not unlike that of an impatient and excited dog when his owner finally returns home, this kind of spunk is what can make new distributors such wonderful people to work with. Sadly BGG has the same sort of demeanor that makes some distributors utter hell to work with.


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