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Foxy Games, also known as the Orbit System Sweepstakes, is a South American casino software (Brazil, to be precise), which is distributed by a few individuals in North Carolina and Florida. Not unlike many other casino software products, the software is visually pretty good. As a matter of fact the graphics, although not the best in the industry, are above average.

At Sweepstakes Consumer Reviews, we take the graphics with a grain of salt unless and until the platform is proven to be a sweepstakes. Sadly, this Brazilian software has not (and can not, in its current form) pass the test of being a legitimate sweepstakes. It is not surprising that we have received a few harsh reviews from business owners about the folks who distribute the Foxy Games / Orbit System Sweepstakes. We have heard horror stories about foreign-speaking technical support that doesn't seem very technical, and doesn't support. Of course, the language barrier is always a deal breaker when it comes to tech support.

Generally the dregs of the industry are the same kinds of folks who would distribute a casino software, slap the word "sweepstakes" on the top of it, and hope nobody notices. This is all well and good unless… well… someone notices. At this point some poor business owner ends up in tremendous hot water with law enforcement.

In case we haven't made it clear, certification by a reputable third-party company (i.e. Nick Farley's Eclipse Labs) is a MUST in this industry. The software companies and distributors promoting non-certified software are essentially distributing time bombs to unwitting entrepreneurs. The importance of using a certified sweepstakes system is most important in markets where law enforcement has already had experience with sweepstakes Internet cafes and knows to ask about certification. These areas include states such as North Carolina, Florida, Texas, California, Hawaii, New York, and Missouri. But don't think that if you open an Internet cafe with illegal slot-style casino games that have not been certified to be sweepstakes and do it outside of the states on this list that you will be safe. Make no mistake, United States law enforcement is intelligent and it is quickly learning how to tell the difference between a sweepstakes and gambling. Step 1: find out if the software has been certified (hopefully by Eclipse Labs).

This issue of compliance is ESPECIALLY true in Florida at the current time, where sweepstakes platforms are extremely closely scrutinized. In Florida the issue of certification goes beyond Eclipse Labs (Nick Farley) as Florida requires a much more stringent set of guidelines to be considered "compliant". Using any software not explicitly approved in Florida is extremely dangerous.

Even though the graphics for the Foxy Games sweepstakes (we use the word "sweepstakes" loosely here) are above average, any benefit of good graphics is outweighed by the precarious position of using casino games rebranded as sweepstakes. As industry insiders, we here at Sweepstakes Consumer Reviews would much prefer a product have inferior graphics (such as AGS) but be a legitimate sweepstakes than to have superior graphics and claim to be sweepstakes when it is not. Such trickery places a black mark on the entire industry.

Sweepstakes Software Ratings:

As previously mentioned, Foxy Games / Orbit System Sweepstakes has fairly good graphics. This is the software's strongest feature, as it ranks among the top 10 in the industry for graphics. The technology score is about average, while the startup cost for Foxy Games is fairly low. The scores for service, distribution, and (worst of all) profitability are extremely low. Our experience has shown us that foreign games (as mentioned, Foxy Games is a Brazilian software) don't perform very well in the US market. Finally, the fact that the software is not and will likely never be certified to be a legal sweepstakes is likely a deal breaker.


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Sweepstakes Software Reviews

When I started using Orbit, which was distributed by Foxy Games, I was told right from the beginning that I wouldn't get much support.  The guys that understand the games in Brazil and speak Portuguese.  My wife speaks a little spanish so they were kind of able to communicate.  We didn't think the support, or lack of it, was going to be a problem because the games look really good and they gave us a killer deal.

I was wrong.  We had a technology disaster and no way to make it work. We couldn't get ahold of anyone to fix things and when we finally connected we had a huge communication barrier. Naturally we were losing money hand over fist.  Finally the guys in brazil forwarded us to a new distributor of theirs in Florida, but she had only been using the software for a few months and wasn't much help either.  At least she speaks English so we could understand her when she apologized for not knowing how to get things working right.  

Using this site we picked a company that has a very high service rating and switched.  So far, so good but we wasted a lot of time because we made our decision based almost exclusively on getting the lowest price.  Now that I have a little experience as an operator I'd say the most important ratings to pay attention to are SERVICE and PROFIT.

Jeff C.




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