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    Sweepstakes Company has been in Business for less than 5 Years
    Not a Legal Sweepstakes Software Company!!!!

Distributor Name: Sweeps Logic Sweepstakes

Software Distributed: Russian Online Casino

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UPDATE: As of July, 2013 the Sweeps Logic website is down. We were about to update this page by adding a complaint from a California-based customer who got taken for $30k by "Anthony" at Sweepslogic.  Then we tried to find the site and realized that it's simply gone.  It's quite possible that this company has gone out of business.  Based on the feedback we have received from consumers in the sweepstakes industry we have two words to say about this news... "GOOD RIDDANCE!"


Sweepslogic sweepstakes is a foreign distributor for a Russian-based gambling software.  Based in Belize (Central America), Sweepslogic has recently started pushing the Russian online gambling platform into the US market.  This casino software has recently begun to infiltrate the US via Central America.  Common sense tells us that it doesn't get much shadier than that.  If this description invokes images of South American drug runners smuggling illegal goods across the US border, that's because it's not far from the truth.

It's one thing to create a sweepstakes software that appears to be sweepstakes but can't quite cut the mustard and pass certification.  It's another thing to peddle an unmitigated online casino platform to the US while knowingly deceiving industry newcomers who can't tell the difference.  Such deceptive practices put the entire industry at risk.  Those who unwittingly install this software are asking for trouble.  What's worse, as law enforcement struggles to understand the sweepstakes Internet cafe business model illegal software such as Sweepslogic does nothing but muddy the water and make it dangerous for those who produce and distribute legitimate, certified sweepstakes software.


Sweepstakes Software Reviews

  Sweepstakes Software Reviews

OMG these games are held together with duct tape and chewing gum!
 They gave us a good deal and we didn't nkow any better. The games are glitchy and have errors constantly. Whenever anyone logs on it usually kicks someone else off. Youd think they could fix that because it's a HUGE PROBLM for us. It's like musical chairs in our internet cafe and when someone gets bumped off they get mad and sometimes leave. Talk about a clusterf$#*!  The guys who sold it to us speak mainly spanish so communication is alwasy an issue. Since the guys who sold it to us are just distributors they didn't make the games so when we finally get them on the phoe they are as confused as we are and tell us they have to talk to the russians to fix it.  We are about to go out of business and have been looking for a replacement sweepstakes company for the past week.

Rich K.

The sweepslogic rep named Andrew SCREWED US! He charged us way more than he should of for all kinds of equipment. First he charged us $3k for a "proprietary" TV!? Then another $2,350 for a server. We sent him a huge bunch of money for equipment and then NOTHING EVER SHOWED UP! These guys rip you off!!!!!!

Sally M


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