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Distributor: "Best Sweepstakes Software"

Sweepstakes Software Distributed: Bonus Time

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Those who have submitted reviews about Best Sweepstakes Software tend to write the reviews in all caps, fill it with expletives, and end it with lots of explanation points. The website claims that BESTsweeps distributes only legal software, but when we called we were told they only distribute Bonus Time (huge fraud alert) and Lucky Charm (huge fraud alert).  If anyone has anything positive to say about BESTsweeps, we’re happy to hear it.  It never ceases to amaze us that from all the sweepstakes software companies on the market some people manage to find two of the only fraudulent options and then consciously choose to try to sell that.  What’s wrong with Figure 8, or with IIT, or SweepsCoach, or with World Touch?  No thanks; let’s search out the only illegitimate sweepstakes options and push those.

UPDATE: Frank Azzuro recently contacted this site demanding that we remove the reviews and content about his company.  We responded to him that when he leaves a wake of upset clients that he will likely receive bad reviews.  This is only natural and is the very purpose of our site--to warn consumers.  Frank responded by proposing that if he pays back everyone who he owes money to, maybe they will write favorable reviews.  We agreed that this might help.  On that note, he wanted us to post his personal cell phone number.  For what it's worth, if Frank owes you money feel free to contact him here: 818-613-5922.

[Editor's Note: We believe that this is a day late and a dollar short. He as much as admitted that he had swindled "only a few" people.  But if posting his number, at his own request, could help some of our viewers get what he owes them--why not?]


Sweepstakes Software Reviews

Sweepstakes Software Reviews

OMG Frank Azzurro cheated me! He sold me games that ended up not working AT ALL wouldn't answer his cell when I needed help, and kept my money when I demanded a refund. HE CHEATED ME!!1

Kelly R.

 Frank swindled me too!  He is a lying scumbag.  His games are the biggest piece of trash! So buggy, problems, no tech support, and nothing but headaches.  I wish I would have read this site before giving him my money.  Live and learn I guess right?  If I see that guy I'm gonna %$#@ him up.  [vulgarity edited by webmaster]

Hank K.



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