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It could be argued that this company should go in the “Sweepstakes Software” category rather than the “Distributor” category. Technically Bonus Time sweepstakes has games that reside on its own servers. Unfortunately, this sweepstakes is 100% pirated. Bonus time sweepstakes, which has a cryptic website that has nothing more than a login screen (no “home page” or contact information), has combined a pirated version of Betsoft’s casino games mixed with a few of SweepsCoach’s older games. We contacted Betsoft, which has very sharp looking games, by the way. We called to ask if their company has ever worked with or developed anything for sweepstakes software companies. Betsoft said that they had not, but that they are familiar with Bonus Time. Betsoft then told us, in essence, “don’t worry, we are dealing with these criminals that have pirated our games.” Very interesting. We contacted SweepsCoach and asked if they had licensed or given permission to use any of their games. They said they had not but that they are aware of what they call "the bootlegger guys". We believe the life expectancy for Bonus Time to be brief.

Although Bonus Time and those who distribute it profess to sell sweepstakes, don’t be fooled. These games are not certified by a reputable certification company, and are not even owned by Bonus Time. Stay away from these bootleg games and anyone who tries to sell them to you.

We could say that "Bonus Time" is a central gathering point for a handful of notorious industry swindlers. There are a number of people associated with this brand that, quite frankly, are known to be con men. It will come as no surprise that "Bonus Time" is not the only sweepstakes banner they wave. Clearly people catch on to a bad brand and the con men must change their tune. Often you'll talk to someone who seems shady and is selling sweepstakes software at 5-10 points lower than anyone else in the industry. Of course, you would never find one of the "top 10 rated" sweepstakes software in the bargain bin. It will likely be some other brand that is "just as good" or "top in the industry" (it MUST be true, it says so right on their website!) We hope that it takes more than a website that proclaims "top in the industry" to persuade our readers that a software is truly a top-rated software.

Rather than listing the individual names of everyone involved with this fraudulent bunch of hooligans, we'll do our best to keep the site updated about the brands they sell. At Sweepstakes Consumer Reviews we are very cautious about calling a sweepstakes company a fraud. We would rather err on the side of caution and don't want to unnecessarily tarnish the reputation of companies or individuals. Providing very bad service or overcharging for hardware doesn't land a company on our "FRAUD" list. For us to say a company is "Fraudulent" we must receive several credible reviews substantiating deliberate intent to take money from people with no intention of delivering goods. So far the only companies that have clearly tried to take money without delivering products, prompting reviewers to cry "foul" and "fraud" include:


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