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SweepsCoach is another old-timer in the sweepstakes industry, known and respected by many industry pundits as a company that has been around since Internet cafes first started taking root in the US market.

SweepsCoach has an interesting and unique background. SweepsCoach seems to be the only sweepstakes company that has a history of not only opening Internet cafes with sweepstakes, but also opening Internet cafes *without* sweepstakes. Starting in 2000, many years before Internet cafes with sweepstakes were introduced to the US, SweepsCoach helped its clients open Internet cafes without sweepstakes. These are cafes where people pay by the hour to use computers, check email, update facebook status, and play (non sweepstakes) computer games. In fact, SweepsCoach opened more than 100 such Internet cafes by 2005 before opening its first Internet cafe with sweepstakes promotions. Since then SweepsCoach has opened another 100+ non-sweepstakes Internet cafes and several hundred more Internet cafes with sweepstakes.

This is particularly interesting because in nearly every legal challenge in the sweepstakes industry the primary case made by law enforcement is essentially “The Internet cafe business model is bogus; it’s all about the sweepstakes. The business promotes sweepstakes and the Internet cafe is an afterthought. Without the sweepstakes there would be no business.” This argument cannot possibly hold up against SweepsCoach, which has the experience to prove otherwise. Instead of starting with the promotion and then adding a product, SweepsCoach started with a product and added a promotion. When it comes to legal security this is very clever of SweepsCoach--or perhaps very lucky.

In the very early days SweepsCoach started as a distributor, promoting Hest, World Touch, and Gametronics. As other new sweepstakes platforms were developed and proliferated across the US, SweepsCoach deployed them among interested parlors. Apparently SweepsCoach was looking for a sweepstakes platform to buy, and in eventually it found one. At the time, SweepsCoach’s sweepstakes games (also called PromoTek sweepstakes games) use a completely different technology than any other sweepstakes games in the US. The games are entirely web-based, which apparently provides a number of benefits over other sweepstakes games that are “client-server” based. Specifically, SweepsCoach locations are less expensive to start (no servers or proprietary point of sale systems), easier to set up, and have fewer critical points of failure (technical issues). The games are certified by Eclipse Labs (Nick Farley) and SweepsCoach hired strong attorneys to make sure all its “i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed”.

SweepsCoach has a number of distributors globally. PROMO GAMES Sweepstakes is a distributor for SweepsCoach that has been very successful at distributing a modified version of the SweepsCoach games across parts of Europe. In Europe gambling is legal in many countries, so the SweepsCoach games that Promo Games distributes are not certified or legal in the US. For the certified US games work with SweepsCoach.

SweepsCoach is quick to point out that their demo games can actually be played live on their website and that SweepsCoach Internet cafes can allow customers to play games at home--so operators can make money even when their customers aren’t at the store. Our research indicates that the only other true web-based sweepstakes platform on the market is a recent offshoot of SweepsCoach (see the Sweepstopia review).

In addition to its strong position in the Internet cafe / parlor market, SweepsCoach also boasts an impressive standalone unit (sweepstakes kiosk, or “totem”), which is specifically designed to operate in bars, convenience stores, and similar locations without the need of an onsite server or point of sale computer.

Reviews indicate that 5-7 years ago when SweepsCoach was “working out the bugs” it experienced growing pains. Not unlike IIT, Gametronics, and Hest, some reviews from this time period are less than stellar--some are even bitter. In the early days it seems there were plenty of challenges to resolve. Product issues (bugs), new markets with changing requirements, and not enough competent staff at SweepsCoach compounded this problem. This process and accompanying spotty reviews, repeated as SweepsCoach launched its standalone Internet kiosk unit several years ago. In spite of this it appears that SweepsCoach muscled through its rough beginnings long before most of the newer sweepstakes companies entered the market. For that past two or three years SweepsCoach seems to be doing very well. Now it is a well-respected and profitable sweepstakes provider with an impressive track record.

NOTE: Recently Blue Water and Sweepscoach became the only two compliant sweepstakes software providers in Florida: Read more here...

Sweepstakes Software Ratings:

With some of the best-rated games and highly rated profitability in the industry, SweepsCoach is clearly a top-tier sweepstakes software company. Its overall ranking takes a hit because it scores low in distribution; it doesn’t seem to have tremendous channels. But it wins points for technology and for low cost because of its web-based platform (which don’t require any costly onsite servers). Furthermore, reviewers indicate that SweepsCoach games simply never go down (because they’re web-based). Overall SweepsCoach has a very impressive offering, solidly entrenched as a top-tier sweepstakes company and placing 3rd in our overall sweepstakes company rankings.


Sweepstakes Software Reviews

Sweepstakes Software Reviews

Funny story about SweepsCoach. We were using them in 2009 and they just upgraded games or something. We had nothing but problems for the first two months, something about our computers because we used our own and they were a little old. We were literally thrilled about the idea of webbased games. My husband is technical and that sealed the deal for him. But the problems as these guys were upgrading were too much for us so we switched to Figure 8. Things wokred better technicaly but we weren't making money because we had a lot of competition and were forced to do match play becauseo f the competition. Finally we decided to try Sweepscoach AGAIN because since its webbased it was easy to just switch. Now this time they got it right! The games work great now and they had added 4 more new games (that was fast!) and we make twice as much as we did with Fig8. Full circle!

Don H.

Very pleased with the service. That's the best thing about Sweeps Coach. I own 2 internet cafes and I'm opening another soon. There are other internet cafes around me with other games. Some do well some don't but all I know is I'm making good money and I always get someone when I call. Hell I have their cell phone numbers so they can't get away now even if theywant to! We had the police come in and harass us a bit but Sweeps Coach helped us through it and we stayed open when otehrs in our area had to close down. On the bad side we had a few glitches when we first opened that made us mad but they had them all fixed in a few days so its all good now. Again I just have to say these guys have your back and we feel like they are with us when we need them.

Chris F.

I love the magic woods game!
I play all these games and teh best one is the magic woods one. I win more from that game than the all the other ones put together. I played at 4 other sweeps rooms in town because they have them all over everywhere here. But my favorite is the room with sweepscoach games because the games are good and work all the time and some of the other sweeps rooms games are busted a lot and cant work. Also for the people who work at teh seepscoach one are the most friendly and thats importent.

Tasha M.

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