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Gold Fusion Sweepstakes Software Reviews

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Gold Fusion is a very new player to the sweepstakes industry. Since it has barely shown up on our radar here at Sweepstakes Consumer Reviews and is distributed by some of the same distributors who also distribute the Boomtown / Reel Amusement sweepstakes software, for a while we actually thought it was the same sweepstakes software.

Reviewers inform us that Gold Fusion sweepstakes software has been growing quickly and that it has a strong back-office (meaning it's easy to configure and run reports, etc).  Having a robust reporting and back office tool is certainly an advantage that should not be overlooked.  We have received feedback that Gold Fusion games have experienced typical "getting started" glitches, with Gold Fusion scrambling to get the math model nailed down, and working to stabilize the platform.

It is our understanding that the Gold Fusion sweepstakes games have been reviewed by a certification company.  However; we are skeptical of the certification because it's not by one of the common third-party testing labs that is recognized as "legitimate" in many jurisdictions.  In several areas of the United States, including most of Florida, Ohio, California, South Carolina, Texas, and others, there are only three test labs that are allowable: GLI, Eclipse Labs, and BMM.  Since Gold Fusion's compliance certification was not performed by one of these organizations it may be tough to to get approval to use the Gold Fusion sweepstakes software in many jurisdictions.  Furthermore, we know that GLI, Eclipse, and BMM reports have held up in court.  A certification from an "off brand" testing lab just doesn't have the brand recognition that can stop prosecution in its tracks.

Generally speaking and relative to many of the other sweepstakes software companies that have been around for a while, we don't have as much information about Gold Fusion as we would like, other than a smattering of fairly negative reviews.  While this doesn't bode well for Gold Fusion sweepstakes, it is certainly far from "game over".  Nearly every sweepstakes software on the market, even the very best sweepstakes games, had rocky beginnings.  There is, without a doubt, a tremendous learning curve in the sweepstakes business and we're sure that Gold Fusion will be climbing fast.

Sweepstakes Software Ratings:

Gold Fusion's biggest strength is its service and support, which is on par with the service of some of the much higher ranking sweepstakes companies in the industry.  The games are reported to need a bit of improvement, but profitability, which is arguably the single most important rating, is "not bad".  Gold Fusion is making a good start and with time and experience we expect to see it climb in our rankings and reviews



Sweepstakes Software Reviews

  Sweepstakes Software Reviews

Want software with your bugs? Then go with goldfusion. I was embarrassed at my cafe everything would freeze often making me need to log out and back in repeatedly everyday on the customer's computer, I thought it was pretty much all like that and since this industry is new they were sill the best. i found out otherwise at a IIT cafe, couldnt get ahold of that distributor so when people stopped coming in we switched to lucky charms then eventually gave up. 

Sam P.                                                                                                                                                                             North Carolina 


I CANNOT stress enough how much grief this company put me through, FIRST OF ALL i know how sweepstakes work, their all online and have pools of money to win, BUT they insisted that we needed there "special computers"(REGULAR COMPUTERS) and theyre server. I asked my tech guy about all of this hardware and he said they were PUTTING THE POOL IN MY CAFE. how unproffessional and unneccesesary. Decided to go with netsweeps. 

Rick H.                                                                                                                                                                     Florida 



We love goldfusion! weve run with a bluewater and netsweeps and we were almost run out of business, payouts were so high we were afraid our business was going to keep failing until we found goldfusion thanks to another sweepstakes room that was usually pretty busy, Now everythings great! the glitches are rare and not usually a big deal. 

Dennis C.                                                                                                                                                                     Florida 




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