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UPDATE - October 2013:  Frontier's corporate offices RAIDED!

Clearly this development bodes ill for Frontier.  We'll keep you updated as more news on this topic is available.


Frontier sweepstakes (Gateway sweepstakes) is one of the more mature sweepstakes platforms on the market, launching its first deployment in 2005, and has been through several revisions of its software. In Florida Frontier / Gateway originally partnered with a charity known as "Arcola" but recently these two organizations have parted ways. Known primarily for its "Lucky Duck" game concept, this sweepstakes platform struggled in its early days. In the last few years, though, it has encountered tremendous success in some markets. For quite a while it looked like IIT would be untouchable in Florida and in North Carolina. Then Frontier upped the ante, put out a few good games (actually a few skins on the same popular "Lucky Duck" concept), tweaked its math model to increase its payouts, and was able to hold its own, in most markets, against IIT. Unlike most other sweepstakes providers, Gateway/ Frontier also develops full-blown gambling / casino software. Although this hasn't presented a problem but as Gateway (or… if Gateway) chooses to enter into emerging markets this may prove a stumbling block in the courthouse. Regardless, it's tough to argue with success and Frontier sweepstakes software business generally has a winning record where it operates.

Generally newcomers to the industry may have arrived late to the party if they hope to work directly with the Frontier software manufacture. Although Frontier has significant channels of distribution, those channels are fairly "buttoned down". What this means is that if you're looking to open an Internet cafe using the Gateway sweepstakes games you will likely be required to work with a distributor (middle man) who stands between you and "corporate". Regardless, there are plenty who don't mind passing off a bit of the profit to a distributor if the sweepstakes performs well--which is usually does.

As do all legitimate sweepstakes platform providers, Frontier has its games certified by Elicpse Labs (Nick Farley). It has withstood the test of time, learning and expanding through growing pains to become a real contender. Although its software is expensive and the service isn't tops, its games have proven to be real money makers in competitive markets. Like IIT, Frontier hasn't had much success outside of highly-competitive sweepstakes markets where business owners require slightly lower payouts. But when Frontier comes to town the stakes are raised. Frontier sweepstakes is a solid platform.

Sweepstakes Software Ratings:

Frontier is strong where it matters most--profitability. It is also has very good games and has extensive distribution in the markets where it chooses to deploy. The service / support is about average and the cost is a bit high, but if you're in the right market these facts may be overlooked.

Overall, Frontier provides an excellent, albeit expensive, sweepstakes platform that outperforms the riff-raff of the industry. Ratings show that Frontier is a top-tier company, ranking second among all of the sweepstakes platforms. Well done Frontier!


Sweepstakes Software Reviews

Sweepstakes Software Reviews

Frontier is a great company to work with. I had a lot of success in my business after using them. I was using AGS before but they didn't do nearly as well as Frontier games do. Now Frontier has good solid games that people seem to really enjoy, the same people are in my internet cafe everyday. The tech support is mediocre when it comes to answering calls and helping. It was kind of hit or miss but now I'm a distributor I am pretty good at figuring out technical issues and troubleshooting on my own. I knew after I was doing so well in my game room that I need to get involved on a distributor level, and the money is good.

John W.
North Carolina

I found that it can be difficult to get started with Frontier,
finding a distributor and using them is tough because many of the internet cafes that I went to wouldnt give me any information about how to get started, I guess I would be competition. but still. They need to make it easier to get started.

Tyra L.

In my town the Frontier games are the best.
It's all about the duck! We have had the frontier games here for about a year and its all our customers like to play. Some people say they get tired of the same games but not me. As long as I'm making money I'm good. We have waiting lists on FRidays and Saturdays. We were using Netsweeps but that did not work for us at all so we had to switch and are very happy now.

Mike K.
North Carolina

When I was trying to get open with Frontier I was tempted by other cheaper companies
that offered options like 50/50 split and cheap computers, I’m glad I held out and went with frontier. while they are relatively expensive to get started theyre games attract a lot of customers and compete well with the other internet cafes in the area. I would be so mad if I was paying 50% for my software now! That would have been a bad mistake to go for that split. Save a few bucks up front and get screwed in the end. I’m happy with frontier.

Sam P.


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